Monday, October 18, 2004

Monday .. OY !

I was posting earlier (look down) about chaos and Monday. Earlier this evening, while out picking up kids and trying to purchase a mouse for Ava, Tammy found some chaos. She was hit in the passenger rear and knocked about 15 feet into another vehicle on the drivers side rear. I think the frame is damaged, which would effectively total my truck. Sierra and Jordan (her BF) were taken by ambulance to UK med center. Both were released a short while ago. Sierra has a mild concussion and Jordan has a bump on the head. Tammy is having muscle spasms in her lower back but refused to wait the 7 hours in the ER waiting area to be seen. UK closed it's ER to the public because of the injuries from accidents caused by this rain storm.
The recipe for disaster in Lexington is simple, just add water. It can be any form of water, rain, snow, sleet, or ice. Lexingtonians cannot drive, anytime, but add water and it increases exponentially. When she called me she was in tears. She was upset that she had wrecked my truck. I assured her that the truck was replaceable and the last thing I was worried about. After making sure that everyone was going to live, I called Geico. Pardon me while I sing their praises. They were very professional, yet concerned and friendly. They made the calls to have the auto specialist look at my truck within 24 hours. They made the arrangements for the rental car so that all I had to do was sign the papers and drive it away. Twice I have had to use my coverage and both times they have been just as happy to hear form me as when I am sending them money. Not that they wanted to hear that we were involved in an accident, but they put the well being of the passengers first and foremost. Then the truck was secondary.
All in all, it has been a quite eventful afternoon.

I am just glad that everyone is ok .. So far ..
I'll keep ya posted on the rest as it unfolds.

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