Sunday, October 17, 2004

Lazy day Sunday


Today was a lazy day. I didn't do much of anything. I had fun stirring in the big cauldron of politics with the email group I manage. I have been online off and on a lot today and checked my email and responded regularly. I didn't pay any mind to the volume of mail I was getting. Tammy is on the same group and gets the same mail. She checked her mail a short while ago and had 50 emails, almost all from the group. I was shocked. No wonder others are complaining. Personally, I love politics. I love the debate and banter. I try not to go too far and enter bickersville, though.
Arguing politics is the dumbest thing you can do for several reasons. Most people who are willing to discuss politics have already made up their minds about the elections. You are not going to change their mind. They are going to be like the man in the story of the wind and sun arguing over who could make the man lose his coat. If you aren't familiar with it, let me refresh you.
The Sun and the wind were arguing over who was more powerful. The argument went on and on, until finally they decided on a contest. There was a man walking with his hat and coat on. The sun and wind agreed that the one able to make the man lose his hat and coat would be the winner. The wind went first. He blew and he blew. The more the wind blew, the more tightly the man pulled his coat and the more tightly he held his hat on his head. The wind tried and tried without any success.
Then was the suns turn. He shined. Hotter and hotter he shined. Eventually the man took off his hat as he began to sweat. Then he took off his coat. The sun had won the contest.
When you argue with a political opponent, all they do is wrap their ideology more tightly around them. They hunker down and become more determined than ever to support their candidate. The Presidential Debates were not for those that have already decided. The numbers were very low on those that changed their minds. The debates were about the undecided.

Other than the political stirring, I have been relatively calm. Tammy and I took a short nap. It was a good day. I got rest and got to piss people off. That's gonna make tomorrow have to work hard to top it.

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