Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Wednesday slipping in

Wednesday is here.

Debbie called from Judge Bunnells office informing me that they need more info on my job search report so they can verify my attempts. I informed them that most of the applications were online and thru The info I gave them was all the info I had. It isn't like going to the mall and visiting all the stores there. The employers use careerbuilders as a buffer between them and applicants. They are not revealed completely. Some give the name and address of the company, but most do not. It is one of the features potential hirers like. They can get applications from those interested without revealing who they are. It is easier to reject someone that does not know who you are.

I did not post last night. We went out for our usual Tuesday night Karaoke date. We had a blast. When we got home I played the replay of the Edwards/Cheney debate. Edwards sounded good. Cheney did a lot of the old 'sling mud and run' debating. I was glad to see that Edwards wasn't flustered by it. He was not drawn down to that level.

Looking over the election advertising, most of the Republican ads have been to attack the character of their opponent. They haven't said much about their platform or what they are going to do for America. They can't. America will not stand thru 4 more of the same.

It is time for a change.

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