Saturday, October 09, 2004

Let's get ready to RAMMMMMBLEEEEE !!

ok .. When we got in last night around 1 am, we went to the bedroom, popped in a VCR tape, snuggled in the bed, and watched the Presidential Debate. Yeah, I know, we are such sexual animals. Anyway, in my humble biased opinion, John Kerry looked concise while George Bush tended to ramble. GB seemed to try to take everything back to the leadership issue. What I saw last night was JK leading a debate. He looked quite presidential. He came across as strong. He didn't waiver. He had his facts. GW had his facts as he saw them.
At one point he told us that the Kerry budget would not work because some guy I have never heard of said it wouldn't. I understand that I cannot understand the nuances of a budget as large as our country's budget. I get that it is unfathomable for me to think in terms of billions and trillions of dollars. Why do politicians talk in such large numbers? I think it is because they know we can't fathom it. Don't talk to me about the billions and trillions of dollars. Tell me a percentage. Percentage I can understand. I can look at my check and figure that I am spending this percent on food, this percent on shelter, this percent on goods, this percent on security, and this percent on other necessary items. If you tell me that X percent goes to defense, I can work with that. You can even further tell me that of the defense budget, X percent goes to military pay, X percent goes to weaponry, and so forth.
Another thing GW kept harping on were the votes that JK missed. OK, GW has had more vacation time as president than any president .. EVER.
Then there were the times he was talking about leaders of other countries and how he 'knew' them. He 'knew' how they thought. He knew they would not back a vacillating US President. They will back who ever is leading the US because they know that none of them can do it without us. They will work with whomever we send to the White House. Hell, they have put up with the incompetence of this administration. I put little stock in what GW thinks he knows.

As far as I am concerned, Kerry has carried both debates. Edwards carried his debate. The truest test will be in November. Maybe Daddy won't be able to buy this election for Jr.

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