Saturday, October 16, 2004

Mark Mark Mark !

Malcolm has a new thing. In the 3 ½ months that we have had Malcolm, I have heard him bark twice. Both times it was at or directly related to another dog. Now he has a strange new thing. He mumble-barks.
I was driving to Jeff's house to do electric work a couple days ago when I noticed a funny noise. I looked in the mirror and saw Malcolm's head out the window. He was slightly moving his lips and making a mumbly barking sound. I figured it was a 'wind in the face' kinda thing.
Yesterday, while we were parked waiting on Chelsea, Malcolm had his head out the window, watching the world, and he started it again. Mumble bark, mumble bark, mumble bark.
Mark mark mark !

Today was a work day for me. The new meds the DR put me on for my back were largely ineffectual. As long as I could sit and work, I was fine. You don't get many opportunities to work sitting down in the construction industry. I worked 7 hours, finished 2 jobs, and came home. I am hoping the Skelaxin will pick up eventually.
Until then it is just pain as usual.

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