Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Some People !

This is me, the patient one.

We have a new dog in the house. Mercedes, Mercy for short, is living with us for a few days. She is a golden retriever/Labrador mix. She has been Chasity and Chris' dog since she was a pup. When they moved recently, they could no longer have the dogs. Mercy went to Chasity's mother-in-law's house. Jade, a chihuahua/jack russell mix came to us until we could find her a home. We found a home for Jade with Donovan, a deaf man we know. He needs a dog to alert him to someone at the door. Jade jumps excitedly and runs around when ever someone comes to the door. That is perfect for Donovan.

Chasity called me today as we were driving to Frankfort to get a wheelchair loaner for Sierra. It seems that Cindy, Chris' mom, wanted her to get the dog because Mercy barked and Garrett, her hubby, couldn't sleep. I can understand that. What got me was what happened next. While talking to Chasity, she got a beep. I held while she answered the other call. When she returned, she told me it was Chris on the other line. It seems Cindy had called him to call Chasity to get her to come to her house and feed and water Mercy.

OK. Mercy is outside her door. The dogfood is in her house. She wants Chasity to drive from her house to where she is to feed the dog. It is about a 5 minute drive. No big deal. However, Chasity has a seven month old baby and is home alone. Chris is at work (which Cindy knows, because she called him). This means she expects Chasity, who has worked all day, to get the baby ready and in the car, to drive the 5 minutes to her house to feed the dog the dogfood which is sitting in her house.
OMG !! She can't fill a bowl and walk outside to feed the dog ??

What the heck makes a person think like that?

I told Chasity to do part of it. Go to Cindy's, but not to feed Mercy. Go there, pick her up, and bring her to my place. Tammy and I will take care of her until we can find a home for her.

Mercy is on the floor at my feet. Malcolm is laying beside her. There was much excitement at first. Malcolm loves other animals. This one was a great treat, female and his size, nearly. Mercy is a beautiful blonde. I think Malcolm is in love. At the very least, he is head over heels in lust.

We will see what the days ahead may bring.

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