Friday, October 08, 2004

I couldn't wait

I wrote this in the night .. late

According to the leader of our growing welfare state, and his erstwhile running mate, while seeking for a reinstate, the unemployment rate, is just a temporary state, while we seek an equality state, with a lower prime interest rate, and a slower depreciation rate, to fix the attrition rate of the collection plate, which has some irate with an elevated heart rate, because we have sought to deflate their lightweight Pay rate, which will cause a disinflate in the crime rate, which we think they tend to overrate because they misstate figures that could translate a sedate public debate into an unnatural state which could negate any psychological state, and agitate any physiological state into one of a desecrate home state.
We must dictate an update to the debate, and begin with a clean slate, like a virgin on a blind date, which finds herself in a dire strait, with an overweight primate on a mission of procreate and lying in wait to dictate a due date without the desire to abate or postdate it's innate need to participate in the state of conjugate, with no verbs to collate, please.
We are not here to berate, or underrate, lest we recriminate and lapse into a state of hate, where we would rate the same great infant mortality rate, and share their plate, and participate in their fate heading to the gate our actions would dictate.
It is better we be late, and let the fire dissipate, before we try to relate how we might recreate the state wherein we could lose weight in the interest rate, and inflate the pay rate, so everyone could anticipate a return to that euphoric state we think ever existed, that we equate to the good old days of late.

We will not even begin to equivocate on the fate of those involved in the Mideast State while trying to differentiate between the entrance rate and exit rate of allies and no set date for troop rebate.

Is that straight?

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