Sunday, October 03, 2004

Early Sunday

It is nearly noon on a sunny Sunday. It has been a full weekend so far. We had the power karaoke lunch Friday. Then went out Friday night to sing a few. Then was up at 4:30 AM Saturday to work 9 hours. We went out Saturday night for a grope fest karaoke reunion. The 11th Frame Lounge (where we used to go to sing) has got karaoke back on Saturday nights. A few of the roomies were gonna be there so we went for a visit. It is good to see everyone and sing a song or five.
I could tell we were spoiled to Todd's system. Glenn (who does the karaoke at the Frame) doesn't have his mics as hot. By the end of the night for us, he had turned them up, at our insistence. We left there later than we should have, got to bed later than we should have, and got up way too early (5AM).
Check out went well today. We were done in 4 hours. It looks like I will be working next weekend as well. Hey, I can do the 'on 2 off 5' thing.

More to come ......

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