Saturday, May 07, 2005

The flower chauffeur

Today, Tammy was to deliver flowers for mothers day to help out a friend that owns a flower shop. Yesterday, she did the same, but had Sierra or Chelsea to help her. Tammy did the driving. The kids did the leg and wrist work. She had planned on doing the same today, but the kids would be sleeping. I told her that I would be the driver. That way, we would be able to spend the day together.

So, this morning we get up and head out. We pick up flowers to deliver. We stop by here to get directions from MapQuest. Armed with directions, we headed out.

Lexington has to be the dumbest street city in the world. Streets are not marked. Some are just marked wrong. There are no maps up to date enough to keep up with Lexington and its road changes. We made 20 deliveries today. Some were nearly impossible to find. For the last 6 or so, we split up, armed with cell phones. Chella helped her and I manned the computer to feed them directions. Chella helped with 15 overall. Sierra helped with 7 overall. Tammy was involved in all 34 deliveries. I helped (chauffeured) with 12 deliveries. Tammy gets $6 per delivery. She splits it with the kids when they help. All I asked was to have my tank filled after the deliveries. The rest can buy Tammy's gas in her van and cigs.

It makes for a long day.

The flower shop still has 50 deliveries for Monday.

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