Sunday, May 29, 2005

Holiday weekend

We tried to go grocery shopping early yesterday. We do a good bit of our grocery shopping at Sam's Club. I have business membership, which allows me to shop during the business only hours. Those are 7 to 10 in the morning during the week. The parking lot is empty. There is no crowd inside. It is much easier to shop. We tried. We didn't make it until 10:30. The lot was full. The aisles were crowded. The only good difference is that the 'sample ladies' are out and there are food samples.

The rest of the day was a mismatch of calm and chaos. I am beginning to rethink the idea of having the kids (Sierra & Jordan) living above us. It seems they are the flop house. Their friends come over to 'flop' and then won't leave. Sierra came downstairs complaining about that and seeking some remedy. Later, when Tammy confronted those people and Jordan about them leaving (along with Jordan's wanting to bring a bottle of vodka into the apt), Sierra changed her tune and screamed at Tammy and told us they were just gonna move. A little while later, she and Jordan and some of the friends left, Sierra with a little backpack. They took off on foot, supposedly to find a new place to stay. They came back shortly.

What ticks me off the most is that a little while later she was downstairs, as friendly as she could be, asking for something to eat. It wasn't that they had no food. She didn't want to eat what they had. She didn't want it. It was as if the events and her words of earlier didn't exist any more. I hate that 'being used' feeling.

Oh, yeah, the vodka thing .. The lease has a clause in it about illegal activities in the apt being a reason for eviction. No-one in the apt is over 19. No-one is legal drinking age. Therefore, alcohol in the apt is illegal. Just another reason for Sier-rama (Sierra Drama).

We were going to a 'Munch' last night, but didn't feel up to it.

So, the day was a slow start to the holiday weekend.

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