Wednesday, May 11, 2005

What a day ...

It is pandemonium around here almost. The students have an official free day. We (the ATC) are grilling sausage patties and hot dogs this morning for the students. We are grilling burgers and dogs this afternoon. There is no way to capture the students attention or turn it toward learning when food is present. They are eating and playing basketball.

I was manning the table, taking tickets, and explaining the 'rules'. "Two eats and one drink"

All or most of the first two periods have now made their way thru the line and have settled down to where they are eating and socializing. It is still 20 minutes before the next block of students shows up. So, I have a few minutes of peace. I have hidden myself away in my cave. One of the teachers here says I stay in my cave. Hey ! This is where I can let the feeling out through my fingertips. This is where I grade my students. This is where I prepare my work. This is where I research to improve my lessons. This is not my cave, it is my sanctuary. This is where I can control the air and stave off the encroaching madness.

Actually, it is just easier to be in one place. I have my classroom upstairs and my shop downstairs. Where else do I need to be? Except for occasional trips to the 'potty', I try to be where they know how to find me.

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TammyJ said...

I can think of another place you can call your sanctuary.. but It has nothing to do with being at school.. I love you..