Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My home ....

I was reading one of my regularly read blogs and it contained a question and comparison of how our homes reflect who we are. To a point, I think it does.

If my home is a reflection of me, it means that I am slightly cluttered with not enough space for all the things I have acquired. It is mostly organized, but you can find some things in the strangest places from time to time. It isn't dirty, just somewhere between full and overflowing.

When I think about it, that is exactly how my mind and heart are (the purest reflections of me).

My heart is filled to capacity with people that I love, but will always have room for one more.

My mind is a massive collection of knowledge, trivia, ideas, and random thoughts that can be found anywhere from time to time.

Both mind and heart are filled with things old and cherished and things new and modern. A new computer sits on an old worn and personal desk. A modern water bed is covered with an old antique hand quilted spread. My mind is filled with old values and new ideas. My heart is stocked with lifelong friends and some that I just met recently.

The mind and heart of a pack rat. I have more trouble throwing away friends than I have throwing away parts from something I have already replaced. My drawers are filled with old clothes and junk, tucked somewhat neatly away, out of sight, but not out of mind. There are things in these 'junk' drawers that I will never wear or use again, but they hold some sentimental value which overshadows any need for making room. My heart is just like that. New friends crowd in there with old friends.

Our book shelves are stocked and full of books, ranging from a 23 volume set of bible commentaries to the complete "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy". My mind, likewise, operates in both areas. I can talk for hours about trivial things and shift gears and talk for hours about theology. We can talk about computers and how they work. We can talk about new changed in the electrical field. We can talk about innovations. Then, with passion matching we can talk about traditions steeped in antiquity. We can talk about truths that date back thousands of years. I have found, in my life, the way to reconcile these two seeming opposites.

The walls are covered with photos (memories). These range from photos of the kids to photos I have taken of sunsets and snowy days. There is even a poem I wrote superimposed on a photo I took and there is a painting I painted. It is interesting that I, a procrastinator, would favor pictures of sunsets (which represent the finishing of things).

There are antiques and 5 PC's and 4 laptops. There is a modern office chair and an antique rocker. There are low tech books and high tech satellite receivers. It is just organized chaos straining at the edge of spilling over ... YEP .. THAT'S ME !

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