Friday, May 06, 2005

Ah, the immortality of youth

It is amazing to me how young people think. I know that I had to be the same way at one time, but it seems rather foreign to me now. I have come to realize that young people do not think they are immortal, as I previously assumed. They have a built in blinder that disables their ability to see consequences of their actions. Somewhere along the path to maturity, those blinder fall off ... Sometimes.

Heather calls me today to see if I can come get her at vocational school. She is a health services student there. She really enjoys the class and the work. She seems rather anxious to be picked up by me or by Tammy. When I begin to question her about why, she begins the explanation with ... "Well, you know how I haven't smoked pot in 3 months ... " I interrupted with, "you fell off of the wagon?" It turns out (according to her) that she stopped this morning to pick up Whitney for school, and because she has been so stressed out over the Aaron (BF) situation, she took a hit or two. When they get to school, the principal asked to see them in the office. They are clueless as to how he knew. ANYWAY, he tell them that they all must call their parents to get them and take them home.

Heather calls me. She doesn't call her mom, with whom she lives. She even asks if Tammy can come get her since I am working. Tammy is helping Sierra deliver flowers for Mothers Day. There is no one here that can give her the needed ride. She gets a ride with Whitney's mom and that is settled. The ride part, that is.

I told her that she had to tell Kaye. She has to tell her tonight. If she doesn't tell her tonight, I will tell her tomorrow. She has my silence until tomorrow.

She called me back a short time later. She was all teary and jittery. It seems the principal has told them that they are looking at 5 days suspension from both schools. Heather is now very scared to tell Kaye. I do not relent. She tells or I do. I also informed her that whatever punishment that Kaye imposes is in effect if she is at my house this weekend (we do have plans). She understands. She told me she would call me when she had told her mom.

The immortality of youth is in the fact that they never see the consequences of their actions. They are never going to wreck. They are never going to get caught. They are never going to fall. There are no consequences resulting from the stupidity of their actions. NOW, Heather sees the consequences. NOW, Heather sees the end result (somewhat). She doesn't understand that driving to school after taking a few hits is driving impaired. It is like drinking and driving. Had she been stopped along the way by a law officer, the results could be exponentially worse.

Heather is close to that age when your actions start following you around. She needs to begin seeing around the blinders.

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