Thursday, May 05, 2005

Oh my gosh !!

It has been 3 days since I blogged !!

It has been a hectic 3 days at that. There has been much going on, in school and at home. I can assure you that we are all alive and well in both places. There are no bodies to be buried.

The network has been down at school for a couple days. We are just now (30 minutes ago) up and running. So, here is a quick blog fix. There will be much more to follow, I am sure.

An old friend died this week. We have known each other since we were both in our teens. She was a few years older than me, but we were both part of a core group of young people in the church pastored by my father. She found out 3 weeks ago that they did not get all the cancer that they previously claimed they did. They gave her 2 months to live. She made it 3 weeks. There will be reflective times and writing to follow. The visitation is tonight.

School is winding down. I am working on the final exam and project. This is a chance for those in my class to add 300 points to their grade. Some need it, but those that do need it will not get it unless they change the way they study or take tests. They need the help for the same reasons that they will not do well. It involves attitude and choices.

More for later

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TammyJ said...

I just realized I haven't told you how sorry I am at the loss of your friend.. I know how you feel things... I am here.. I still have 2 shoulders.. you know that.. I love you