Friday, May 20, 2005

And the work week comes slowly to its end

Friday is closing .. Just not fast enough.

Today has dragged on for an eternity. I am still in paperwork hell. I did get a nice break before lunch when I went to the weld shop and wired in an outlet (250v/3 phase/ 4 wire/ 50 amp) for their new plasma cutter. It was good to get my hands dirty. It just didn't last long enough. Then it was back to paperwork hell.

I tried to catch a few zzz's during lunch, but the fire alarm company finally showed up and began testing all the smoke detectors in the building. They had a can of smoke on a long pole. They would place this near the detector and spray smoke into it. BUZZZZ BUZZZZ. Then the guy in the office would shut it off. One to the next one. One by one. Every few minutes. BUZZZZ BUZZZZ. There went the idea of napping during lunch.

Paperwork hell ...
... My boss gave me a list of paper that I was supposed to be saving or creating all year long and filing in a curious gray file box that sat in my room all year. Only problem here is that I was not told this at the beginning of my year. Joe (boss) told me he didn't want to overwhelm me in the beginning. I guess it is ok to overwhelm me now. He was generous and gave me a day and a half to do four and a half months worth of paperwork. Hence, paperwork hell.

I looked at the box and the form and quickly admitted that I was completely lost. Joe and I sat down and he explained what I needed. That helped. I am well on my way. He graded me (assessment) in spite of the fact that the papers were not there. He graded me on what he knew I would put in the box. That took a little of the pressure off. Just a little, though. It still has to be finished so that I can do the next group of things that I know nothing about.

Tuesday night, Wednesday, and all day Thursday, Tammy, the kids, and I will be at Natural Bridge State Park. I will be in class and partaking in activities. Tammy and the kids will be hiking and laying by the pool. Kyle will no doubt be immersed in the clear cooling waters of the pool. It will be a short working vacation.

I also have a 2 day class in June, a 1 day class in June, a 5 day class in June, and a 5 day class in July. There might be a few others that I will attend along the way. Fun Fun

anyway ... The work week is creeping up on quitting time. I am off to see the sexy redhead. There might be singing tonight. There might be other fun tonight.

Y'all have a good Friday night.

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