Thursday, May 19, 2005

Three things

Saw this on another bloggers blog .. Thought I would give it a go .. Feel free to email me yours at

Three is a Magic Number

Three names you go by:

'Hey Teach'

Three screen names that you have had:

Feline Ingester

Three things you like about yourself:

My ability to find friends where ever I go
That I am surrounded and revitalized by the children I teach and/or live with
My touchable heart

Three things you don't like about yourself:

Superficially, my appearance
Medically, my arthritis and thyroid problems
Mentally, my lately lapsing memory

Three parts of your heritage:
German (mother .. full blood)
Indian (Cherokee on grandmothers side)
American Mix (and dang proud of it)

Three things that scare you:

Being unloved
Being unloved
Being unloved

Three of your everyday essentials:

A nice chilled Mt Dew

Three things you are wearing right now:

Jeans (broken in)
Hiking boots (broken in)
Denim Shirt (well worn)

Three of your favorite bands or musical artists (@ the moment):

Trace Adkins
Eric Heatherly
and the rest of the country genre singers

Three of your favorite songs:

Monday Morning Church
Cold one coming on
Seven Bridges Road
(all of which I karaoke)

Three new things you want to try in the next 12 months:

Getting book # 1 published
Finishing book # 2
Getting Poetry published

Three things I want in a relationship:

Frequent touching

Two truths and a lie: (in no particular order)

I love all my children (including step)
I have vast wealth hidden in mason jars in the back yard
I used to be a cold hearted arrogant bastard

Three physical things that attract you to the opposite sex:

Nice boobs (just kidding)

Three things you can't do without:

Kind words
Loving touches
Close friends

Three of your favorite hobbies:


Three places you want to go on vacation:

Grand Canyon

Three things you just can't do:

Believe in myself
Forget a friend
Sleep through a night

Three things you want to do before you die:

find my perfect place
Know myself
Get my freaking thyroid under control (sheesh)

Three celeb crushes:

Don't really have any of those

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audrey said...

hey daddy...which one of those three things is a lie?