Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Almost the end of the year

The end of the year is coming. The end of the fiscal year, that is. Suddenly there is money that needs to be spent and it has to be spent by June 30th. I have roughly $700 to spend on shop/lab items and $2500 to spend on educational software or video/DVD's. I am scouring the internet looking for the most bang for my buck (well .. Your buck). My funding comes from the State and Federal Government. We are tied to the Welfare Program. We are part of the 'education to work' initiative. So, if you pay state taxes in Kentucky or Federal taxes at all, I am looking for the best way to spend your money. Let me just say, as a bonafide representative of the State of Kentucky ... "Thanks !"

It is really Monday here. I was off work yesterday. I have classes on Thursday and Friday. So, today is Monday (work wise) and tomorrow is Friday (work wise).

It has been a slow day here. I am trying to get things together for the end of the teaching year just finished and ready things for the next one coming in August. In the middle of all that, trying to get things ready for Tammy's trip to Florida to take the kids and to pick up her grandmother.
OK .. Just ordered $2396.84 worth of computer software for my class.
As a footnote, Bush denies that he is losing clout. It seems he is losing touch with reality as well.

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