Saturday, May 21, 2005

Saturday serene

It has been a peaceful Saturday, so far. Tammy and I went out this morning. We were going to Winchester to pick up a computer desk for Chella. It was an unused and unclaimed one in my shop. Along the way we stopped at a few yard sales.

When we got to the school and the desk was not there. I have no idea where it went. It was there Thursday.

On the return trip, we stopped at several yard sales. I guess we spent a total of 5 bucks.

We got home in time to find that Cleo has destroyed the bathroom. I left her in the bathroom to keep her from destroying the rest of the house. She had got under the sink and got a bag of cotton balls and had them strewn all over the bathroom. She had began to tear into a fresh bag of pads. She left claw marks all over the door and door frame. She scattered kitty litter everywhere. Tammy was ready to kill her. Tammy was having a Mary Kay party in under 4 hours. She still had party trays to fix and more to clean. The bathroom had already been cleaned. Not anymore.

While Tammy and the girls had fun with makeup, I hid in the bedroom. I did venture out to go to the kitchen a few times, as I was cooking some green beans for a cook out later today. I diced an onion, and shoestring cut a potato, and put a small bottle of Italian dressing in with the beans and boiled all the water away. They were delicious.

The party ended and we were off to my sisters house for the cookout. Her son, John, Jr. was in from the Navy. He proposed to his girlfriend there. She accepted.

The rest of the evening was food and friendship with family. It was a great time. All my girls were there. We just got home and I am sure we are in for the night.

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