Monday, May 02, 2005

Levels of communication

When I was working in Indiana, Tammy and I communicated well. Our friends thought it was weird. We would be online, talking in the chatroom, and talking in Instant Message, and also be on the phone talking, and none of the 3 conversations be related. OKAY, that may be different, but it is just part of us. Our minds work on several levels at once. It is just the way we work.

We have added a new dimension to our communications. We now have the blog-sphere. Tammy and I communicate, sometimes, through our blogs. They give us a brand new way to say that things that need to be said. They are just another way to reach a new place within ourselves. Knowing us as well as we do, it is easy to read what is written by reading what is not written. While you are reading about our days, and our nights, we are reading our hearts. While you are reading our passions about the issues of the day, we are reading about the things bothering the other. While you are reading, we are reading.

Just another sweet level to communicate with my honey.

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