Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Time to grow up

I read this earlier today in a blog (www.indepundit.com) :

"THIS MORNING on my way to work, I noticed the car in front of mine had a Christian "fish" symbol affixed to the back. The history of this symbol is worth noting. The Romans viewed the early Christians as a threat to the authority of the Emperor, and sought to wipe out the small but growing faith. Since the symbol of the cross was commonly associated with Christianity, the early Christians adopted the fish as a secret sign, to help them identify themselves to one another.

The origins of this symbol are believed to come from Mark 1:17 ("Come after Me, and I will make you become fishers of men."), or possibly as an acrostic from the Greek "ichtus" (Iesous CHristos THeou Uiou Soter," or Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior). Either way, the symbol is meant to be a statement of Christian faith.

Except this fish didn't have the customary "Jesus" inside the body, nor the Greek alternative "ΙXΘYΣ." Instead, this fish had "'N CHIPS" on the inside. It was clear the the driver wasn't professing her own faith, but mocking that of others. I've seen
other variations of this, including the ubiquitous "DARWIN" fish eating the smaller "JESUS" fish. And despite the fact that I'm a Christian by baptism and faith, I've even caught myself laughing at a few of these more creative desecrations.

You see, the fish isn't actually Jesus, but a symbol of His church. And just as burning the American flag doesn't really harm America, neither does making fun of a fish hurt God. So, while I don't condone such desecrations, neither do I feel that such extreme reactions as rioting in the streets or declaring holy war are warranted in response. I think most Americans would agree.

So why do we hold Muslims to a lower standard?"

I must say that I agree. Other races and creeds try to use the history of America to shame us into allowing their own immature behavior. When you were a kid and got caught doing something stupid or wrong, your first response was to point out the error of someone else. It did not excuse your behavior. It did not erase your actions. It did not make the results of said actions non-existent.

OK, at some point in our nations infancy, we had slaves. These slaves were Africans sold by Africans. Today, only the stigma of the owners remains as a reason for elevated crimes by blacks. We have somehow forgotten that the self same Africans sold the slaves to the slave market. I, personally, had nothing to do with such actions nor do I condone them. No African living today was involved in this process either. We are more than a generation removed from this atrocity. It is time to move on and leave that lay on the sidewalk.

It is time to become responsible for your own actions. Stop perpetuating wrongful acts by excusing them based of some misguided belief that your beliefs are harmed by actions against a symbol of your faith. An altered fish on the back of a car does not take a thing away from the power of my God. My God lives in all of nature. His presence fills all of the universe. He lives in the hearts of millions throughout the world. You cannot diminish His fullness.

If the God of Islam is diminished by abuse to his book, he is not much of a deity. It is time for his followers to grow up.

Understand, I know there are immature followers of Christ as well. They need to grow up as well.

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