Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I am still at school. I am between. My school day ends at 3:30 with classes over at 3:05, but tonight is a school board meeting and open house here at the school. The open house begins at 6 and the board meeting at 7. So, I am in my classroom, after cleaning up, waiting.
It has been a good day production wise. We, my classes and I, nailed over 100 nails in the boards mounted on the walls of the tool/material room. On those nails we hung side cutting pliers, channellocking pliers, crimping pliers, stripping pliers, hacksaws, fish tapes, and hammers. The welding class is making a rack of my design for the tape measures and for the ladders. This place is starting to get in good shape to actually do some work.
Yesterday, while having no students, the Principal and I went to Lowe's and bought $1500 worth of tools and materials. Graybar delivered today. We have stuff to do electric stuff. Finally a break from the classroom. Finally, boxes to mount and romex to run. There are lights and switches. There are outlets. There are wall and ceiling boxes.
Now, for the hard news. One of the students at the High School, which is also a student here at ATC, was arrested today. It seems he has been contriving a plan to enter the school with weapons and take out teachers and students. He had detailed drawings of camera locations and entrances for the best impact. He had facts and figures about the local police response times and amount of force he could expect to encounter. Although all of his plans were concentrated on the High School, it is still a concern down the hill. There is also the fact that it is suspected that he is not working alone. We have been cautioned to keep our eyes and ears open and to report any suspicious conversation.
My Principal told me, "Welcome to education."
Life goes on.

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