Thursday, February 24, 2005

And then the bottom dropped out

I've seen better days ... Been the star of better plays ...I've seen better days ... Then the bottom dropped out

The days has taken a decidedly southward turn. It is running downhill as fast as it can, it feels. While driving to work, I begin to notice a scratchiness and tickle in my throat. It seems I was losing my voice. I can talk in short bursts reasonably well, but not enough to give 4 ninety minute classroom instructions on residential wiring. Thankfully, I have handouts on residential wiring. These, to be unread (I am sure) handouts reinforce what we have done in the lab. The students can and will pass without them, but my voice will not. So, they get to read, or sleep, or do other homework, or listen to their music (headphones), while I work on setting up the tool room etiquette.

Each day there is to be a student in charge of the tool room. Their duties will include, but not be totally limited to:
preclass inventory
signing out tools to students
making sure all tools are returned and signed in
post lab inventory

The advantage to being the 'tool guy' is that while the rest of the class is sweeping up the daily mess we make, he is in the tool room doing inventory.

Looking forward to tomorrow's easy day field trip to Toyota Motor Manufacturing. It is ironic. I hated going there for 18 years. I first was there when it was a dirt/mud field in April 1986. I worked on the original buildings and have been there off and on (off as much as I could manage) since then. Tomorrow will be my first trip as a 'tourist'.

Oops .. Noise in the lab .. See ya later

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TammyJ said...

c'mon home honey.. Ill make ya feel better.. Russ will be here for dinner.. but he will just have to wait..

I love you!!!!!!!