Friday, February 11, 2005

Contrived or Contrite

A person that is (now a former) part of a group to which I belong, recently, in a fit of anger, sent compromising pornographic pics of his former girlfriend. In a few incidents following, he admitted to doing this, even going as far as bragging about it. He even bragged about sending said photos to her parents.

Now, a short while after the incident, he has sent a letter of apology to the group through another member. In this letter, he claims that a friend with access to his account sent the before mentioned pictures. He further claims that he has 'kicked the ass' of this individual. The letter was a seeming act of contrition. however, upon closer examination, it seems to be an act of contrivance.

The story is just too convenient. He claims that he was talking to this friend and telling him that he should do that. His friend took it to the step of completion. He is merely the innocent victim of a friends misconception of his intent. He further claims that he has made amends with the girl in question.

There are several problems with this story.

Most of the people which got the pics and the letter of apology do not believe the story. This has outraged the sender. He is wounded by our disbelief. In the words of one writer, "Methinks he doth protest too much." He is a people user. He expects now that he has decided to walk back into the midst of the bunch that all should be forgotten. It has not, nor will it happen, and that angers him. That is just further evidence that he is not contrite about his actions.

Everytime he talks, he convicts himself all over again. The girl he used to send his apology email refuses to allow him to use her any more. Now he attacks her. He tries to hurt her feelings. Yes, he sounds contrite .. NOT.

He has contrived a story to make him the victim here.

He claims that the girl has forgiven him and they are straight. OK. If that is true that is fine, but his violation was not only of her. He violated everyone that received his email. Therefore, that contrived apology has to be accepted by everyone on an individual basis. I for one, do not accept his words. They are like the dust. They cover everything and touch nothing.

Now, he says he wants to meet with Tammy and I and tell us a thing or two. I say, bring it on. I am not violent and I can't see anything that he can do to change that. He will only succeed in making a bigger ass of himself.

We will be at Todds .. let him know ..

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