Sunday, February 13, 2005

Still kicking

Well, here goes another weekend. Is it just me or do they seem to be getting shorter?

Anyway, here is how it transpired, as best as I can remember. Friday night, we went to Friends & Co. for dinner. I had the sirloin and Tammy had the Chicken fried steak. They were both great. The only drawback to that part of the evening was a guy at a nearby table that insisted on talking as loud as possible about his adventures. If you ever feel the need to know about the time he bumped a girl with his car or got cold cocked in front of a school, let me know. I know the 'inside' story.
After Friends, we went to Todd's Karaoke and had a great time. We stayed until after midnight (which we haven't done in a while). Russ was there. We laughed and laughed. He is a card and brings out the funny in me. He started some things that he tells me are not to be allowed as blog fodder. Other than that, we had a wonderful time trying to convince one of the bartenders to take off her shirt. We had donations, at one point, of $4. I told her that was $2 per nipple and that was good money anywhere. She didn't buy it .. or sell it .. for that matter. She enjoyed the humor. Aurora, Cynthia, and Johnny came by. It was great to see them. At one point in the evening, I helped Aurora hold up her breasts. They were getting heavy and causing strain. I am helpful that way.
One thing that was quite noticeably missing was the porno pic guy that wanted to say a word or two to Tammy and myself. Such is life.

Saturday came around in her usual fashion. She likes to make her appearance much later in the day than the regular weekdays. Tammy permed Chella's hair, an interesting one handed (mostly) feat. Russ came by and got his hair cut. From there we just mostly hung around the house. Tammy touched up her hair and got rid of her 'fictitious' gray. We got a couple movies and finished out the night cuddled on the couch watching "Mr 3000".

Sunday morning arrived with Tammy not doing much sleeping thru the night. I was up at 7. Tammy finally went to sleep and instead of waking her for church, I decided to let her get some of the sleep she needed. We did make it to Stamping Ground, KY to pick up the dog cage. It was good to visit with Mel. From there we came back to town and picked up a disk from James for the computer I got for Gary on Friday. (oh yeah, I got a free computer for Gary, one of our close friends and the best man at my wedding.) I worked on installing an OS on it. My niece came over and we did her taxes while I also installed AOL on the computer for Gary.
Now, here it is, after 11, and I am about to go snuggle against a soft warm woman, my Valentine.
Y'all have a good night. See, Russ .. no mention of the fodder not for the blog. Well .. Until now.
"Good night Seattle .. Baby I hear the blues a calling .. but I don't know what to do with these tossed salads and scrambled eggs .. They're calling again."

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