Sunday, February 20, 2005

Ugh !

Sunday is crashing to a close.

I was still feeling the queasies this morning, so we stayed in. Later in the afternoon, we took Carol and Chelsea and went shopping at Meijer. I needed an electric can opener. They were having a huge sale. After saving $128 and spending $101, we made our way to Dad and Mom's lace to check his camera in his cell phone and pick up some mail there. We visited for a bit. Chelsea discovered knitting. Mom gave her knitting needles to get started. She was surprised to learn that I knew about knitting. From there we took Carol back to the nursing home. More and more, she considers it home. That is a good thing.

We hung around the house the rest of the night.

It was a good time. I love spending time with Tammy. Kyle and I had fun as well. He worries that I will stop loving him someday. I explained to him (numerous times) that I will love him, and do, even if I do not repeat it to him every time he tells me (at least a dozen times a day). To me, it can become a catch phrase and then lose it's meaning. When I say it, I am feeling it and mean it. Still yet, he is a nine year old boy still feeling the repercussions of his parents divorce.

If yer reading this, Kyle, I love ya.

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