Sunday, February 06, 2005

The weekend ends ..

Sorry to miss a blog chance on Saturday. My apologies to my regular readers (two of which reminded me tonight at the Super Bowl get together).

It is the closing of the weekend for me. We went to church this morning. When we got home, I attacked the kitchen. I made my "NUCLEAR CHEESE DIP" for the get together. One of my favorite bars (which sounds funny from a non drinker) tossed a party where they supplied a party sub and attendees provided side dishes. Let me give you glimpse into the interworkings of the NUKE DIP.

Ground beef
Hot breakfast sausage
Hot banana pepper rings (diced)
Jalapenos (diced)
Cayenne pepper
Habanero sauce (Dave's Insanity)
Hot Pace Picante
Onion (diced)
Extra Hot Rotel (diced tomatoes & green chilies)
One box of Velveeta

Mixed just right and served hot or cold ..

Tammy took one bite and went for the milk chaser. Then, later at Friends, she tried to overdose on it. It was a hit at the bar. Russ took the remains home with him.

Oh yeah, the Patriots won. yea team !!

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