Thursday, February 10, 2005

The material arriveth .. sorta

Just after the students had left the building, one of the suppliers shows up with a truck of material for the class. This is an exciting thing. We are almost ready to begin the actual working part of the working class. The way we had to split up the orders makes it nearly impossible to do much before all the orders arrive, but we can begin making a stab at it. I just need to let the other suppliers know to try and get here during student times, you know, the nearly free labor. One of them asked me yesterday if they were going to get paid for doing the wiring on the storage building. I told them that they sure were. It wasn't going to be money. It was going to be a grade. However, as I have explained to them before, a good education is money in the bank.
Another supplier says they should be ready to deliver this week and the second says they will call me to let me know the status of their shipping date. Then, Joe and I will make a trip to Lowes with a list and a state credit card. I think the fun will be ramping up a notch, quite soon.

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