Sunday, February 27, 2005

Cough ow cough

Saturday came and went and this thing got no better.
We had the grandkids Friday night, so we took them home Saturday morning. Something cool happened with Kody. I took Ava out of her cage to let her stretch out and warm up a bit. He loved her. He wanted to hold her. I gave her to him and he was fine with it. His mom, when I told her, was amazed. She said he is afraid of everything. He is afraid to touch a ladybug. However, here he was with a ball python wrapped around his neck. I took a couple pics. One will be posted. When we took them home, we took Ava with us. We took her travel coup, but mostly Tammy had her. When we got to Nicholasville, we went to where Audrey works and Kody went up to see his mom with Ava around his neck. Audrey took him in the store to show her friends. He was loving it. He was the center of attention. Did I mention that he is the middle child ? Well, there he was, strutting around like he was the biggest kid in Nicholasville. Chris and Kyleigh wanted nothing to do with the snake. This was all Kody. This was his crowning achievement.

His daddy freaked out as well. When we took him home, he walked into the house with Ava around his neck. He was loving the attention.

We came home and I decided not to attend the board meeting. I didn't see the need to take this bug to visit everyone else. I went to bed for a bit to rest up and see if I felt like going out that evening. Sleeping/resting felt too good. So, I continued. I was up for a couple hours and then went right back to bed. I remember getting up once during the night/morning for about an hour and then back to bed until noonish.

So, here I am ... feverish ... achy ... and figuring I better get better tonight ... We will see if that plan works.

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