Saturday, February 19, 2005

Saturday Jukin'

We went out singing for a few minutes this evening. Carol is with us. She wanted to hear us sing.
The day started with Tammy, Kyle and myself going out to get some breakfast before going to pick up Carol at the nursing home. We tried Bob Evans first. It was way too crowded. We made our way down the restaurant crowded Richmond Road. There were no good restaurants to get breakfast along the way. We discussed, as we were driving, what would be our next plan of action. We passed the Hooters on Richmond Rd and I kidded Kyle about wanting to go there.

We decided to go pick up Carol first, then we went to Richmond (the city) and had lunch at the Hooters there. Tammy divulged to me that girls do actually like Hooters as well. We went to Richmond because Tammys uncle Deanie lives there. He is Carol's Ex's brother. We took Carol to visit the family. We had a good time visiting after having a good time at Hooters.

My evening was good albeit wrinkled with an upset stomach. I am not sure it it was something I ate or just some viral thing going around. Either way, we closed the evening out a bit earlier than usual. Still, we had fun. We saw Christy and met Lisa. Donna and Kevin were there. Gary stopped by for a beer and to pick up the power cord I had for him. Roy showed up and shortly after, his sister, Andrea came in. It was grand to see everyone that we hadn't seen for a while.

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