Monday, February 14, 2005

And then there was Kyle ..

Hey, it's Valentines Day !
My Valentine plans for Tammy fell through all over the place. I was going to blog from school about a dozen times to let her know I was thinking of her today. I got to school and the network was down. No problem. I call the computer technologies teacher and a strange voice answers his phone. He is out sick today, so no one to fix the network. There went that romantic notion.

Then, because I knew that Tammy was driving Sierra, and they were delivering flowers to help a friend at a florists shop on their busy day, I was going to have it set up that their last delivery was going to be daisies to our address. Daisies are Tammy's favorites. They were supposed to be working until 4. I called Tammy about 3:30 and they were already done. Romantic notion number two shot down.

Not to be empty handed and armed with a vast knowledge of 'Tammy favorite' things, I stopped on my way home at the RiteAid. I knew I could find a few things there to express the tip of my iceberg. I found a small heart shaped box of Russell Stovers Chocolates, wrapped in red cellophane with a small dark tan teddy bear attached. Tammy loves chocolates, but has to use caution because of her surgery (gastric bypass .. for those that do not know) in how much she eats. Unfortunately for her, she has little willpower when it comes to the demon chocolate. So, a small box was great. She says she has plenty of will-power. It is won't-power that she lacks.

Then, there was the small stuffed teddy bear. She told me some time ago that she had never gotten a stuffed animal from anyone in her life. So, shortly after that, she got two from me. She got a biggun' and a littlun'.

Then, there was the matter of a card. We are both writers. It is hard to find a card that expresses us as well as we can express us. I did write a few things this afternoon (which would have been in the blog), but didn't bring them home. Fortune smiled on me. I found a great card that started saying what I wanted to say. It said, "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine ..." (Song of Solomon 6:3). Solomon was a serious love poet. Read him sometimes.

What was hilarious, was ... while I was just about to walk up to the cashiers at the RiteAid, I look down the aisle, and there, just noticing me, was Tammy. I went to the cashier at the photo dept, made my purchase, stopped by the line she was in, grabbed a kiss, and scooted out the door. The card and gift was on her pillow by the time she got here.

She gave me a stuffed monkey, with a compass and a 3 musketeers. The candy was for all the sweetness I have brought into her life. The monkey was for the cuddling we do. The compass was so that I could always find my way back to her. Ain't she so sweet?
Anyway, she fixed me a great dinner. I added memory to Gary's computer so he can have AOL 9.0, and here I am. It looks like the start (once again) of the next great American novel.

Y'all have a great VD (thanks Stacey)

Oh yeah, the Kyle reference is there because he asked that I mention him in my blog. Kyle, you have been mentioned ... Three times even.

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Stacey said...

Seriously ... Reading about your marriage and how sweet and thoughtful you both are to each other gives me great hope. You've set the bar pretty high ...