Friday, September 17, 2004


I was reading about the presidential race polls. According to one poll, Bush & Kerry are even. According to another poll, Bush is ahead by 14 points. Then, there are other polls that have Kerry in the lead. I wonder, according the polls, how many people pay any attention to the polls. They are created by and the tool of Spin Doctors. A spin professional can take any number of random facts, ask questions geared toward the desired response, hand pick the ones questioned, and then take the results to say whatever he/she wishes. Any poll is meaningless, unless you know the way the questions were asked, the demographics of the area surveyed, and the way the results were tallied and sorted.
I am reminded of an incident many years ago. A noted American celebrity was de-boarding a plane in England, when, out of the blue, a reporter asked if he was gay. He laughed, and said, "Of course not." The next morning, it was the headline of the paper for which that reporter worked that he "Denied that he was gay". Those were the true facts. He did deny he was gay. The way the truth was presented created the illusion of a lie.
Polls are like that. They are the truth presented in a lying fashion. 4 out of 5 dentist surveyed preferred the taste of brand X. Compared to what ? Dog poop ? Asparagus ? Pizza ?
There is one poll coming up that will have some significance. It will be taken nationwide on a Tuesday in November. The question of points and choices will be settled. The questions will be asked correctly. The Spin Doctors will sit, (albeit, not silently) to the side. The demographics will be wide spread. The question will be settled. I look forward to that day.

Of course, the Spin doctors will be around afterwards to tell us what our choices actually meant. You know we aren't smart enough to know what we have done. "Do you know what you have done? Do you have any idea the terror you have unleashed?"

Interestingly enough .. It is politicians and strippers that ride polls/poles.

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