Sunday, September 26, 2004

Home again

Here it is nearly noon and I am back already. Actually I got back around 10:30. A quick 4 hour check out. It is a testament to our continuing increasing ability. Every weekend the check out time decreases. There are fewer mistakes to correct. We become more fluid in our job.
I have been home with time to check my ever perpetuating cyber mailbox. I ate the sandwich Tammy fixed me for lunch. Now, I am prepared to navigate my head back to the bed. I am sure there will be drama aplenty later in the afternoon. For now, there are pillows in the other room calling my name. Listen closely. Do you hear that soulful sound? Like the sirens in Homer's "The Illyad And The Oddesy", they sing to me. No one here to lash me to the computer ... I am lost ... I am gone ...

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