Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Change of plans & Sierra's dish night

Tonight was supposed to be Karaoke night at Todd's. Well, 6 nights a week is karaoke night at Todd's, but we go regularly on Tuesday and intermittently on Fridays and Saturdays. We were about to leave the house when the kids began screaming. While playing 'hide & seek', Sierra fell and hurt her ankle. Tammy carried her from the back corner of the house while Chelsea and Kyle ran to get me. I picked her up on the porch and carried her into the house. Tammy got Sierra's foot elevated while I went to her room to get the drugs she has left over drugs from her last 'brush with death', the bike wreck.
By the time I got back with the pills, her foot was noticeably more swollen than when we brought her in. Karaoke was out. Hospital ER was in. Tammy took her to Good Sam while I stayed with the kids. We talked several times while they were waiting to be seen (I love my unlimited mobile to mobile minutes).
Around 11:15 Chris called from work looking for a ride home. I hopped in the truck to drive and pick him up. I back up about 5 foot when I felt something under my tire and heard a barking sound. In an instant, I knew I had run over Sierras puppy. Turns out (fortunately) that it was just a plastic cup in the driveway and someone barking their tires while making a legal u-turn. I collected Chris and came home.
Tammy called to let me know that the ER could not tell if Sierras ankle was broken or not. The X-rays were inconclusive. The ER physician looked at her ankle and said it looked normal. I guess if swollen twice the size of the other ankle and having a blackish tint is normal, it was normal. They wrapped it and we will take her to see an orthopedic specialist.

I think we have figured it out. Tonight was Sierras dish night. I told her (sternly), "No more breaking things to get out of doing the dishes".

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