Tuesday, September 28, 2004

At the risk of sounding fanatical ...

I am no long just naive. Now I have 'changed'.

How did I change? I have voted Democrat (the party of the working man) all of my life. To me it is a matter of economics. The Dems give tax incentives to manufacturers to increase production. To accomplish this, the manufacturers do several things. They hire more workers. They build bigger and better plants. They add to and upgrade existing operations. Each one of these steps puts money in the pocket of the working man. When factory workers have more money, they buy newer products. When construction workers work, they buy more products. This stimulates the economy and raises the Gross National Product. Inflation decreases in a fluid economy.
The Republicans take away that incentive to manufacturers and give it to the top 2% of the countries wealthy. Building stops. Construction workers stop working. Factories lay off workers. Production decreases. Decreased product availability inflates the value of the available product. Unemployed workers hoard their money. They don't buy new cars. They don't buy new houses. They don't eat out at restaurants. The economy goes stagnant.
GW touts his religiosity as he courts the religious right. He says he is against abortion but thinks we should not repeal Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision making it legal. He says he is against gay marriage, but says individual states should have the right to recognize civil unions on a state by state case. He says we should be tolerant of homosexuality. These are the moral issues that he banters in the public eye for his own gain.
Forget that he is robbing food from MY table. Forget that he is taking away the future for my grandchildren with a bigger National Debt than there ever has been. Forget that his lies about Iraq have already claimed the lives of more than 1000 men and women fighting his war.
He has stolen my future. He has stolen my children's futures. He is even taking away from my grandchildren's futures. The Bible states that there are those that will use Godliness as a tool for gain. It says we are to turn away from them.
It is your vote. It is your voice. I have read the numerous Kerry slams that are sent to me. I have, for the most part, remained silent about them. It is not my goal to change your mind. It is not my place to be your conscience. However, as a working man, I cannot vote for the man that has raised the number living below poverty level for 3 years running (1.3 million more this year). I cannot vote for the man that has increased the number of Americans that can no longer afford health care (1.4 million more this year). I will vote for the party and the candidate that will help me put food on my table and will help his wife with my next purchase of Heinz Ketchup.

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