Monday, March 28, 2005

Where does the crime start and end ?

I read an article about the judges decision to allow the testimony of several key witnesses and at least one of the kids with which Michael Jackson reached an out of court settlement over child molestation charges. The Judge ruled that it showed a pattern of 'grooming' boy for molestation.

Now ... Listen very carefully ... I am not discussing the guilt or non-guilt of Michael Jackson.

Something occurred to me, while I was looking over the facts lain out in the article. One of the cases dates back to 1990. The child in that case will testify (I guess he isn't a child anymore). The child of the 1993 case will not testify, but key witnesses in that case will testify. What occurred to me, is, that those cases were highly publicized. How could the parents of this years accuser allow their son to associate with a known 'accused' sex offender?
My ex-wife's brother sexually molested his two sisters when they were young. Nothing was done about it. One of the molested sisters, allowed him to spend time with her son and daughter years later. He molested her children as well. My anger was directed at both of them. I was angry at him for what he did, but also at her for allowing him to be in the position to abuse them.

The parents of the abuse victim need to answer to this as well. Why would you allow your child to associate with someone suspected of sex crimes. I know he was not convicted. I know he doesn't have a record of sexual predatory crimes. Let me tell you, My kids were never in a place where my Ex-brother-in-law could abuse them. On top of that, he knew that I would prosecute him (if he lived). I convinced his sister to press charges against him for abusing her kids. He fled to somewhere in the Carolinas. He is back now, however, and his mother and sister treat him like it never happened. Scarier even, he has his own kid now.

Somewhere, parents have to make the move to protect their kids.
Not finished here .. more to come

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