Monday, March 28, 2005


Following the trend ... Here are 100 things about me.

1. I am 47 and proud of every year it took to get here.
2. I am married for the second time (18 months) after 20 years the first time and 6 years of being single.
3. I have seen 6 decades. I saw the last of the 50's, the 60's, the 70's, the 80's, the 90's, and now the 00's.
4. I have 3 daughters and share 2 sons and 2 daughters with Tammy.
5. Kyle IS my favorite 9 year old living in the house with me.
6. I have 4 grandkids and one on the way.
7. Occasionally, Tammy and I take leave of our senses and bring 3 of them to the house to spend the night.
8. I am a licensed Master Electrician in the state of Kentucky (go CATS)
9. After 27 years working in the construction end of electricity, I have changed careers and started teaching in a high school vocational school.
10. I have arthritis in my back
11. My thyroid is seriously screwed up.
12. No matter how comfortable you get in your skin, you never completely get over the 'want to be liked' syndrome.
13. I was an Ordained Minister for 20 years.
14. I was assistant pastor of a church at one time.
15. I was head of the Church Growth Dept for the state of KY in the religious organization to which I belonged.
16. I was also head of the Christian Education Dept (foreshadowing?).
17. I believe in miracles.
18. I believe in Angels.
19. I believe in God.
20. I believe there is a Devil and I believe he works zealously.
21. I got my first transistor radio in 1970 for my 13th birthday.
22. I began singing at 8 years old, singing in church.
23. My first song was "Joshua fought the battle of Jericho," a Negro spiritual.
24. I have sang a capella in front of a crowd of 400.
25. The first time I sang Karaoke was in a small lounge at a bowling alley and it terrified me.
26. That was about 4 years ago and now my repertoire includes almost 50 songs.
27. I love all kinds of music.
28. I listen mostly to country.
29. I can listen to anything except heavy metal.
30. Which is interesting, because I play the guitar and drums.
31. I played drums in elementary school until my grades dropped.
32. I played guitar in church (learned from my mom).
33. I miss the interaction of the construction site.
34. I do not miss the mud, rain, snow, sleet, cold, hot, crappy parking lots, and the general run of pricks ya run into on the average construction job.
35. I was and still am a dues paying union member.
36. I went to one year of college at UK when I was 17.
37. I got married the first time a few months before turning 20.
38. We separated 20 days after our 20th anniversary.
39. I have worked on everything from putting lights in a garage to the backup steam redundancy system on a nuclear reactor.
40. I have helped companies build Ford trucks, GM trucks, Saturns, Subaru/Izuzu's, and Toyota's.
41. This year, 18 years after starting that job in the middle of a mud field, I took a tour of Toyota Motor Manufacturing.
42. My first ever plane flight was on a 30 passenger plane, in 1986. I was 28 yrs old.
43. I loved it and have loved flying ever since.
44. My best flight was a flight from Louisville to Ft Lauderdale, when my flight was canceled and I was bumped up to First Class. (sweet)
45. My worst flight was the same one. The original airline lost my luggage, forcing me to attend an AIDS rally in jeans.
46. I have been in love more than once.
47. I believe in soul mates.
48. I believe there is more than one out there, though.
49. I believe in kindreds.
50. I am a hopeless romantic.

Deep breath here ...

51. I am head over heels in love with Tammy.
52. I will always love Alex, which Tammy completely understands and it doesn't constrain our love at all.
53. I have dated a psycho or two.
54. I protect my friends vehemently.
55. I make friends easy and let them go reluctantly.
56. I am a passionate person.
57. While I do not hold much with ESP, I do acknowledge that I have an empathic spirit.
58. I believe there are things that are unexplainable.
59. I believe in UFOs in as much as they are Unidentified Flying Objects.
60. I do not believe in life on other planets.
61. I am a creationist.
62. I do not believe in evolution.
63. I am not put off by others that believe differently than myself, only by those that insist on shoving their beliefs down my throat without respecting that I am capable of forming opinions of my own based on both facts and feelings.
64. The best thing on my desk at work is a picture of Tammy.
65. I have a great life.
66. I do not have a perfect life.
67. A friend told me years ago that life was too short to work a job you do not love or be married to a woman you do not like. I have both.
68. For all the love that lives between Tammy and myself, I genuinely like her as well. I know how to keep those feelings separate.
69. I have wonderful kids and fully recognize that I am biased.
70. I worry too much about money, even when we have enough.
71. I can be a social butterfly and/or a loner, sometimes, in the same evening.
72. I am a procrastinator.
73. Tammy and Dad are both obsessive about getting things done NOW.
74. They drive me crazy with that as much as I drive them crazy with my procrastination.
75. When we began dating, Tammy and I were amazed at how alike we are. Now we see how different we are, and that enhances our love.
76. Love grows stronger when it reaches across a difference.
77. I am a poet.
78. I am a painter.
79. I am a singer.
80. I am an amateur photographer.
81. I love animals.
82. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother.
83. We are a close family.
84. My parents, both in their 70's are still living.
85. My granny is 90 and still going strong. She is a blog in and of herself.
86. My girls give me wings and provide me roots.
87. I have a slight heart condition.
88. I do not know why, but a cold or flu is the hardest thing on me.
89. I am overweight, if that matters, you may discontinue reading.
90. I do not smoke.
91. I do not drink.
92. I love and am faithful to my wife.
93. I am old fashioned.
94. I am a walking contradiction.
95. I own 65 plus neckties and I wear about 5 a year.
96. I prefer jeans over a suit, but am just as comfortable in either. The suit makes others uncomfortable.
97. I have way too many clothes.
98. I prefer passionate opposition to mediocre agreement.
99. I support my causes even if they wane in popularity.
100. I have only scratched the surface.

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