Thursday, March 17, 2005

Procrastination vindication

My Ex and I used to play Monopoly. She would win 1 time out of 100. Oh, but that one win was the sweetest thing in the world you would think. She would gloat about winning for weeks. Even though, it was just one win out of one hundred games, it was a great victory for her.

I procrastinate (right, Honey?). I cannot recall the times I have had to rush to meet a deadline. I can not begin to recount the times I have had to change movie plans because I waited too long to leave the house. We won't even go there with the movie late fees or the other things that have been returned late as the result of my proclivity to procrastinate.

This is that 'one time in one hundred' for me. I contacted a publishing company when I finished my book. (Actually, I contacted many, and am still talking to several.) One company offered me a contract with no out of pocket expense to me. Now, I am not a lawyer, but my friend, David, is a lawyer. I gave him the contract to look over. While, I have not been able to sit down with him and discuss the contract, he did tell me there were some things that we needed to discuss about this contract.

Another publisher has contacted me, or has been trying to contact me. They have left numerous messages at home. A couple days ago, they called while Tammy was home and the line was free. They were ecstatic about finally reaching a person. Tammy took the opportunity to ask several question about 'self publish' companies (of which, they are one). They admitted there was a stigma and problems with some vanity publishers, especially those that use the POD (print on demand) method. They referred her to a website called "Preditors & Editors" (Predators was misspelled on purpose, I assume, to make it more like 'editors')

Regardless, the company that sent me the contract was listed on that website as a predator. They are, according to that site, a "vanity publisher that masquerades as a traditional publisher." There are complaints about record keeping, paying royalties, breaching contracts, and not putting books in the hands of real 'brick and wood' book stores. The answers that this company gave were double speak. The person responding to the allegations even refused to divulge the CEO of the company.

It seems, that this one time out of one hundred, might have been a good thing.

This book is more than just a book to me. I am sure every writer feels this way. This book is part of me. It is a part of me that I am willing to share with the rest of the world. It is my baby. The publisher that handles her must be above reproach. This is the only baby I have to offer right now. And ... Heaven help us if someone abuses my baby. Then, there is the matter of the over 140 poems that are ready for publishing as well.

Still looking for the right one ...

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TammyJ said...

Does this mean you are going to gloat for the next couple weeks.. I wasn't fussing bout going with the publisher.. I was fussing bout talking to the lawyer.. geesh.. call a man a procrastinator 13234 times and he gets all bent about it.. just kidding my love.. So your procrastination paid off this time.. but umm honey.. what about the beginnings of movies..? I love you..