Sunday, March 13, 2005

whatta weekend !!

It has been a wonderful weekend.

Friday night, Tammy and I went out for dinner. We went to one of our favorite places, Friends & Co. Friends is a bar/restaurant. They have a great atmosphere, good food, good prices, and we know all of the regular crowd there. It is always a good time. Gary and Russ were there that night, watching the UK game. We sat on the restaurant side and had our meal. I had the lobster and grilled shrimp. The shrimp was great, but the lobster was overcooked, leaving it rubbery and mostly tasteless. I brought this to the attention of the one of the owners, Chad. He took the cost of my meal off the ticket completely. I told him that wasn't necessary. The shrimp, baked potato, and salad were great. He still insisted. I tipped the waitress according to the original cost of the meals. It wasn't her fault the lobster wasn't cooked properly.
After eating, we went to the bar side and sat with Russ and Gary and watched UK win. Then it was off to the house for cuddling and other fun stuff.
Saturday, we kinda stayed in and out of bed for most of the morning. Sierra walked in without knocking once. She asked her question and left. When she closed the door to the bedroom, we heard her tell the other kids not to knock or go in the bedroom. It was a good laugh.
For the afternoon, we went to pick up Carol at the nursing home and took her out for a late lunch. We went to Cheddar's Casual Cafe. It is another great place and one of our faves. The food is great. The prices are great. I had the honey BBQ baby back ribs. Tammy had the shrimp and chicken. Carol had the salad and soup lunch special. Her soup was chili. It was a grand meal all around. We got out for just over $44 including the $7 tip. As I said, great prices.
We took Carol back to the nursing home and came back to the house, where we resumed cuddling.
Today, was a lazy Sunday. We didn't do much of anything more than lots of loving. It was a vacation weekend. The kids were great. They were no trouble at all. They gave us some much needed privacy. I feel recharged. Tomorrow will be a good day at work.
How was yer weekend?

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