Thursday, March 03, 2005

Butt Kicked

Okay .. yesterday and the flu have combined to kick my butt.

It was a day of days. There are still things to be sorted out about yesterday, but I don't think we can sort them all out in any quick and short order. There was drama and humor.
After many months of begging and pleading I have succumb to the request to provide some sort of regular digitally enhanced entertainment. (Russ ... Did I mention ... I got satellite?) The installer was here and installed the dish and all the components on Tuesday. When he called to activate the service, we were informed that the systems were down and they would call me when they could activate.
We get up Wednesday morning to get the kids up for school. Even though I have made preparations for a substitute teacher, I felt well enough to go to school. That lasted about 10 minutes. Then it seemed like the day fell on me like a ton of feathers. Yeah, I know, bricks fits, but a ton is a ton is a ton. Every symptom was just waiting for me to be awake. Once the flu knew I was awake, he came with all his friends. There was no way I could work today. I made the call.
I called the satellite folks and began the process of activating my service while Tammy took Jordan to work (a temporary thing, I hope). There was a hilarious exchange that occurred after they were activated. Chelsea (in her defense is sick) was getting ready for school. Tammy left it up to her since she was borderline with the fever. She decided she was going to school. Then I told them all that the TV's were all hooked up. Suddenly, she was feeling bad enough to stay home. She was sitting down, when Sierra came into the room and told us there was a problem with the TV in the kids room. Chelsea was in the bathroom getting dressed for school in under 3 seconds.

After taking the kids to school, Tammy returned home and went back to bed. She hasn't slept a lot since I have been sick. I was on the couch coming in and out while she was in the bed. My phone rang. I didn't recognize the number, but answered anyway. It was an attorney that was standing in for the attorney handling the guardianship. They were bringing up her mom's case and If Tammy could get down to the courthouse, they could settle it. I yelled into the bedroom and told her that her mom's case was today. She said, "I know." I told her they were about to hear it. She said, "Oh shit, I forgot!" She was up and out of the house in under 10 minutes.
When she returned, with full guardianship, we took Sierra and myself to the DR. Sierra is still having problems from the concussion she got in the wreck in October. And, surprise, I have the FLU ...

From there we got gas and went to gather Kyle at school. Then it was home. Tammy went to pick up some things and gather Chelsea.
By the time all the kid collecting and DR going and court going was done, I decided that Pizza was a good choice for supper. Tammy went to pick it up and discovered she has lost the debit card. I transferred most of the checking account money into the savings account. I tried to call the Credit Union to cancel Tammy's card. They are closed. That is a morning 'take care of".
Tammy picked up my card and got Jordan, got pizza, and came home. The pizza was the first thing I have really tasted all week. Then there was Sierra drama. Then there was Chelsea drama. Then we go to bed, to wake around 2ish with me coughing and discovering that the furnace has stopped working. So, 2 AM plus, I am under the house working on the furnace. By 3, all was as fixed as it was gonna be. The heat was on. I took drugs. The night finally ended.
How was your day ?
Oh yeah, I wrote this last night as well.

I need a place
Where I don’t have to have
The words to speak
I need a place
Where I can be weak

I need that space
Created when you hold me
I need to hear the soft beating reminder
Of your uncompromising love
The sounds of life’s dramas fade
The weakness I hide comes to light
Here in my special place
I let the strong
Drain from my fingers
And the words stay
Within my lips
Soon, I will be strong
Soon, I will be wise
For now
I have my place
To be weak

Ron Simpson, Jr.
March 2, 2005

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