Thursday, March 17, 2005

An afternoon in March in Kentucky

We are in class ... watching the UK/EKU game. The students asked, if they got their projects to the 'rough in' inspection part, could they watch the game? The 'rough in' is approximately the half way point for most of the projects that we do. They have 2 class periods to complete this project. Therefore, getting to the half way point on the first day is acceptable. All five students rushed through to get it done. I didn't pull any punches of the inspection. They had to pass just as they would on the jobsite. Further, they will be graded on the overall appearance of the project. Haste makes sloppiness.

This project will be graded harder than the previous projects. The more they do, the more I expect of them. That is just like they will find on a construction site, mostly. One thing they will not find on the site is someone willing to watch them and fix their mistakes as they make them.

Still, it is a March afternoon in Kentucky, and the Cats are playing basketball. The eyes and/or ears of most KY fans are tuned to the game. This is as it should be, in Kentucky, in March.
Oh yeah, at this point, it is UK 34 ... EKU 20.

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