Wednesday, March 16, 2005

From strings to ...

You can never tell where the eclectic workings of the mind will take you from day to day.

It is dependent on so many changing factors. If it is a deep night at the house, then it might be a deep blog. If it is a casual night at home, that may be reflected in the blog as well. The drive to school in the morning might affect the blog (The babysitter is teaching the kids bad habits). Sometimes it comes on me suddenly, and other times it doesn't manifest until I am writing. So, one can never be sure, when opening a blog, just what one will find.

I read a dozen or so blogs regularly. It seems that this 'sweet to cynical', 'sublime to ridiculous', 'serious to shallow', thing is a common theme amongst them. They are like a walk through the life of the writer. They touch the common strings and sometimes echo the deep thoughts of all of us. I do not agree with all the sentiments that I read. That is not a requirement. It is just the diversity that makes life interesting. There is a rich diversity across the country. There is a rich diversity in one individuals life, even. Life swings. It changes. It pulsates.

therefore, one day it is strings and the next, it is the crazy mad insane drivers in any hometown, USA. One day it is the shallow vanity of finding a gray hair and the next it is the affect of an accident with your child that jolts you back to reality. When we look back on a day, we focus on the major events of the day, but need to take into account all that minors that filled the spaces between.

While writing this, I am sitting in my classroom, eating a delicious sandwich, lovingly made by my sweetheart. It will not be the end all topic of a blog, but it will always be one of the sweet fillers of my day. Life is just that way. The roller coaster ride and the standing in line will fill the days. AND ... The filling of the days will be the tender meat of the blogs of our lives.

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