Friday, March 25, 2005

Comment on comment

I have to agree, Stacey

There are better ways to go (but it is still going). I have tried to keep my personal opinion about this one to myself as far as the core issue. My issue has been the numerous organizations that have felt compelled to intrude on this painful and private ordeal. Yes, I am sure the parents have relished the media attention and see it as an asset to their position. Still yet, it is a private ordeal. If I am ever in that position (and my wife has communicated her desires to me should she be in that position), I am unsure of how I feel if it is me in that bed. When I know, I will communicate that to my family.

What pains me the most is the blatant exploitation of this family's misery to push a choice through the media. I hate the use of personal tragedy to promote an issue. The issue is just as important, with or without a martyr for the cause. Is the issue of terminal patients a dead issue (pardon the pun) unless there is a prominent patient out there to rally around? Since we have (as a society) imprisoned Dr. Kevorkian, the issue of assisted suicide has fallen out of the limelight.

Right is right, with or without a name to rally around. AIDS is an issue based on the mass numbers of people that are HIV+. Even with that magnitude of infected people, it is still both an individual and societal issue.

The numbers of people facing a similar situation as Terri Schiavo cry out for a decision. Everyone of them is a voice. Where are the protestors? Where are the children bringing them water? Where are the countless background people working for them?

I know there are those that make it their life calling to address the issues facing our nation. It just galls me when some of these groups exploit the Schiavos of this world, to keep their name in the news.

That is my personal opinion on that.


TammyJ said...

Honey.. I couldn't agree with you more.. I just love the way you have with words... and God forbid you are ever in "the bed" I will honor whatever your wishes are..

Anonymous said...

It is a case built on lies.

It is a case built on egregious violations of the law and our Constitution.

It is a case overflowing with criminal wrongdoing.

It is a case built by the perpetuation of one wrong legal decision.

It is a case of raping the public trust.

It is a case of judicial tyranny at its worst.

Judges in Florida have formed a strong fraternal bond and they will protect each other even at the expense of an innocent woman’s life.

That is the crux of the Terri Schindler-Schiavo case.