Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Another voice in the fray

Someone else has added their voice to the growing fray over the Schiavo case. Jesse Jackson has jumped into the middle of the battle.

US civil rights activist Reverend Jesse Jackson visited the hospice where Schiavo is being cared for and said she was being inhumanely "starved to death" and urged Florida lawmakers to take action.

So, we can now add medical expert to Jesse's impressive resume.

I was at an AIDS rally in Miami several years ago where Mr. Jackson was the keynote speaker. He addressed the problem of AIDS in the black community. At that time, the fastest growing group of AIDS patients were gay men of color. The second fastest growing group were black women, gay or otherwise. He is an impressive speaker. He knows how to woo the crowd. He uses the right words. He uses the right cliches. He is a grand actor.

I was more impressed with DR. Wright, the head of the CDC in Atlanta. He spoke of his brother which died of AIDS. He spoke of friends and colleagues. He spoke with compassion as well as knowledge.

Mr. Jackson speaks from lots of knowledge acquired from research on the subject he is speaking about. In this case, he says the words that the supporters of Terri Schiavo want to hear. He doesn't speak from compassionate. He doesn't speak from medical expertise. He doesn't speak from the heart of the community. He says the words people want to hear.

He has a habit of inserting himself into controversial places to keep his name in the paper. He is a glory hound. Romans tells us to live so that others might see our good works and glorify our father in heaven. Jesse seeks his own glory. This is just another Jesse grabbing the headlines stunt.

His insertion will not help Terri Schiavo. His insertion will not help the family. His insertion will only get his name in the news again. But, that is what he is looking for, anyway ... IMHO

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