Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A light in the Bush ?

In 1999, then-Gov. Bush signed the Advance Directives Act, which lets a patient's surrogate make life-ending decisions on his or her behalf. The measure also allows Texas hospitals to disconnect patients from life-sustaining systems if a physician, in consultation with a hospital bioethics committee, concludes that the patient's condition is hopeless.
Bioethicists familiar with the Texas law said Monday that if the Schiavo case had occurred in Texas, her husband would be the legal decision-maker and, because he and her doctors agreed that she had no hope of recovery, her feeding tube would be disconnected.
"The Texas law signed in 1999 allowed next of kin to decide what the patient wanted, if competent," said John Robertson, a University of Texas bioethicist.
Has President Bush seen the light ?
How was it that while he was Governer of the "Kill 'em all" state, he signed a bill into law that allowed the next of kin to terminate the life saving procedures of a terminally ill patient, and now that he is President, he lobbies against that very same principle? One comedian, talking about Texas and the death penalty, said, "while other states are trying to abolish the death penalty, Texas is putting in an express lane." Texas has streamlined the trial conviction to execution process. Who was instrumental in this process? GW Bush.

Now that the light of popularity has fallen on him and he has squeaked by on one of the narrowest margins in history, he thinks he has a mandate from the country to right all the 'moral' wrongs out there. Can we say, "Coughcoughbullshitcoughcough" ?

It doesnt matter if you are a Bush fan or not, hypocrisy is hypocrisy. I havent seen anywhere that he has made any life affirming changes in his religious or moral outlook to make the 180° turn about. The only change is the number of eyes on him now as president.
Again, I say, BACK OFF ! It is still a family decision. Terri Schiavo made a decision when she married her husband to link her fate with his. She trusted him with her life then. We need to trust him with it now.
I'm done.

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