Monday, March 07, 2005

Over half way

I have made it past the half way point. I managed to eat half a sandwich and drink part of a pop. Four and a half hours into an eight hour day. I paid for six boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. I bought a 17 inch monitor and a PentiumII CPU from the computer class here at the school ($20 for each ... Connections!).

It hasn't been a bad day, just a tiring one. It turns out that the lessons I have sent in each day were unused. They mostly dispersed my class into the other classes (auto, welding, or health services). Today they are learning (the book way) about installing outlets, switches, and lights. Tomorrow, they will do the real thing. They will mount boxes are specified locations. They will run romex. They will make the necessary connections and install the switches, outlets, and light fixtures. They will leave a tail that can be used to temporarily supply electricity to their work. This will be an individual project for each of them. There will be no-one to share the credit or blame.

Good luck guys (as I put on my heavy duty rubber gloves)

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