Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I hate the flu

I hate that I can not sleep because I have to wake up every five minutes to breath
I hate that I ache from coughing and not a productive cough at that
I hate that I am both hungry and leery of eating
I hate the alternating chills and sweats
I hate the way it lets you think you are getting better only because it was deciding to attack later from an all new direction
I hate the fact that as bad as it is, I am giving it to those around me that are closest to me
I hate phlegm (it even sounds nasty)
I hate thermometers and pills and medicine drinks and having no choice but to be buddies with them
I hate headaches
I hate sleeping sitting up (too difficult to breath lying down)
I hate eating and not being able to taste the food
I hate looking at the clock every 20 minutes when I wake up coughing
I hate how a bed feels when you have been in it too long
I hate getting up
I hate laying down
I hate talking
I hate being tired and knowing that lying down wont change that
I hate everything

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