Monday, March 14, 2005

About Me

Things that annoy me ... a short list

1. People that talk incessantly ... Why is it that people like this never seem to find anything interesting to talk about?

2. Professionals that do not call back ... If you aren't gonna call, just say so !

3. Lexington Traffic Idiots ... Looney tunes (seriously)

4. Guys I know that still hit on my wife ... (it's about respect)

5. Too many choices ... Yeah, I got satellite ... 500 channels ... who needs that many choices ?

Things about me ...

1. I do not smoke.

2. I do not drink.

3. I try not to use profanity ... I am not very f-beeping good at it.

4. My thyroid is seriously screwed up.

5. I am lucky to be married to my hunny.

Just a quick short list .. will add more as I figure out what irks me or might be important about me

1 comment:

TammyJ said...

ummm hunny.. about that talking thing.. I must drive ya nuts.. we both know that I am an unending rambler.. I love you..