Sunday, October 30, 2005

Slow Sunday and BAM !

It was a good Sunday. It was a slow day.

Last night, the family stayed up late playing UNO. We had a blast. Chella even gave up phone time with Justin for it. I (gasp) stayed off the computer. The TV was off for all practical purposes (it was one of the satellite music channels, providing background noise.) There was laughter and more laughter.

This morning was a slow starter. We didn't get moving around much until nearly noon. Tammy and I went to pick up the pics from Saturday morning. They turned out great. There were some great fall color shots.

We ventured over to the parental units house to see if we could figure out the trouble with Dad's new DVD/VCR combo. It was a problem with the machine, not the hook-up. It was great to see them. Mom is looking fantastic. Her color has returned. She is more mom than she was last time we saw her.

Then, later this evening, BAM !

Kyle (as you remember just turned 10) started a big discussion with a question about the soul. Who makes the soul and at what point ? Does God make the soul and put it in ? Do we as humans create that soul at conception ? This went into a discussion about people being born to certain destinies. It wandered over into free choice and how we have free choice if God knows everything. He knows we will fail or succeed, so how much choice do we really have ? Tammy and I have some different views about some of that. It was a challenging discussion.

Shortly after it died from the realization that we will see differently about this and no amount of discussion will change that, Kyle went back to being 10 and seeing if he could stretch 30 minutes more out of his bedtime.

So it goes. The ebb and tide of living. I wouldn't trade my life for anything. It frustrates and challenges me. It raises my passions in many facets. It sure beats a dull evening of Hee-Haw reruns.

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