Saturday, October 29, 2005

Be unique, like everyone else

Tammy and I were talking this afternoon, while we were out, driving in the country to take photos of the changing colors of the trees. I asked about a new term I have seen and heard the kids using lately. The term is inconsequential. What was of consequence, was the discussion that followed.

We talked about the music group the kids are following. The kids pride themselves in being independent thinkers. They are sheep. They follow this group blindly for the most part. They collect their expensive paraphernalia. They even mark their bodies with the symbols of this group. The soda they drink is even the soda endorsed by this group. They are so immersed in this 'out of the mainstream' group that they don't even realize they are just like the rest of society that they disdain for following tradition.

Don't get me wrong. I don't believe tradition is to be followed just because it is tradition. On the other hand, I don't believe either, that something should be tossed for the sole reason that it is an old notion. Honor and integrity are old notions, but they are also good ones. We don't need to toss them because they have been around for years.

I further believe free independent thinkers are the cornerstone of progression. As a society, we need to progress. We need to be a growing changing entity. Without change, we become stagnant. Change for the pure sake of change is never a good thing.

Neither is blindly accepting the path that is laid in front of you by any icon you choose, be it civil, religious, or musical. Question what you believe, but be prepared for the answers. Sometimes, the change that comes is just what was needed. Sometimes, holding the status quo, it the right way to go. It is the free thinker that knows and accepts that there are times that someone has already had the best idea.

Sometimes, you have to be unique, like everyone else.

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