Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mars and Venus

Who would have thought the difference between men and women could be as simple as looking down. It is all about shoes and the attitudes thereof.

In the last couple days, Tammy and I have had several conversations about shoes (yeah, we live such exciting lives ... sex and shoes). I have discovered several vital differences between the sexes.

First, Tammy tells me she needs shoes and Payless is having a killer sale. This launches the shoe discussion. She tells me she just gave away a 'buncha' shoes. I asked her how many pairs of shoes was a bunch? She gave away 4 pairs of shoes. I then asked her how many pairs of shoes she currently had. She had 9 pairs. To this I responded, "then you have 2 bunches of shoes." NO! Apparently, shoes count differently when counting owned shoes and shoes given away. This was way past logic to me.

I had one pair of shoes that I wear for all occasions. My shoes for work will work for church or a night on the town. This weekend, I tripled the amount of shoes that I can wear for various occasions. I bought a second pair of steel-toed low top work boots and a pair of slip on tan/brown leather shoes.

On Monday, I was getting ready to leave for work with the new slip on shoes on my feet. I came out of the bedroom carrying my old faithful 'wear everyday' boots. I sat them down on the coffee table for a second to get my lunch box/bag. Tammy looked at them and asked what I wanted her to do with them. I told her that I was taking them to work with me so that if these new shoes began hurting my feet, I could switch back into something I knew I could trust to be comfortable. That is just common sense to me.

I was informed that women do not do that. They wear the new shoes. If they hurt their feet, they wear them again the second day. If they hurt their feet the second day, they never wear them again. While I can grasp the 'never wear them again' part if they don't stretch and conform to the wearer's feet, I cannot fathom wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes all day. Even teaching, I am on my feet a lot. I am not on my feet as much as when I was working in the field, but I am still on my feet a good amount of the day. I am not coming home after work, limping and complaining of blisters.

Here on Mars, we need fewer shoes and we wear them more sensibly. Today is the second day with the slip-on shoes and, while they are not as comfortable as my old shoes yet, they are not hurting my feet. This pair seems to be a working match. I guess this means that I almost have a 'buncha' shoes. Or I am at least ¾ of the way there.

Tammy says we need not talk about clothes though. I have bags of old clothes in the basement and a closet full of new ones (new being a relative term). I used to have 30 suits and I am now down to 2 suits. I still have 65 neckties after giving away 35. We won't go there on shirts.

I still retain my masculinity in the shoe department.

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TammyJ said...

Baby.. Read my blog.. I was gonna comment here but it turned into a blog post of my own.. I love you..